I am an experienced in lecturing on a wide range of tax topics.

The most popular courses are updates on tax. This can be for any period from one month to two years. Taxes covered include income tax, corporation tax, capital gains tax, inheritance tax, value added tax, national insurance, payroll, and trusts.

Courses can also concentrate on specific aspects of these taxes. Examples include VAT and charities, capital allowances, international VAT and tax-advantaged share schemes for employees.

Bespoke lectures can also be written. Examples of such lectures I have given include the tax implications of adopting international accounting standards, and writing wills to save inheritance tax. Many lectures have been tailored to the specific needs of the customer, such as to the staff of a firm of solicitors and to a company in the meat industry.

I lecture for BPP, a leading supplier of educational services and now recognised as a university college. I have also lectured for other companies, professional bodies and even to HM Revenue and Customs itself!

While most of my lectures relate to tax, I keep up to date on adjacent subjects such as accounting and payroll, and relevant parts of company law and employment law.

My services can be booked directly or through the LRM consultancy at

I am happy to lecture to groups of any size, either at a hotel or on company premises. I am prepared to travel to any part of the country, and have lectured as far afield as Scotland and Guernsey.

In recent years, I have lectured to one group of more than 130 people in a conference that included government ministers and other leading speakers. I have also given lectures to groups as small as two, where the “lecture” becomes more of a conversation to meet the delegates’ particular needs.

I have provided in-house training sessions for London firms of accountants and solicitors, including some of the largest and most well-known firms. (Unfortunately, contractual restrictions prevent my giving their names.)

I spend up to a quarter of my working time keeping up to date with tax law.

Because I am based from home, I am often available at very short notice. Several times, I have stood in for lecturers who have gone sick.

Because I work from home, I do not have huge overheads and can therefore provide such services at a reasonable cost. My standard charge is £1,800 plus VAT and travel for a whole day or £1,100 for a half-day. This includes preparation of notes and Powerpoint presentation. For a distance of more than 120 miles, I would also require overnight accommodation.

Although most venues have their own computers and projectors, I do have my own equipment that can be used at no additional cost.

You are welcome to call me for a no-obligation discussion of your requirements.

I have spoken at dinners and other functions. I have appeared on Sky News, and on many national radio programmes including PM (Radio 4) and Jeremy Vine Show (Radio 2). My speaking experience includes 15 years as an evening class lecturer, 12 years as a borough councillor and 10 years on General Synod.

For two years, I was an examiner for the now defunct Institute of Financial Management. For another two years, I was a judge for the Stock Exchange Award for best published accounts, presented by the Lord Mayor of London.