Robert plays the organ at his parish church.

Through being a church organist, Robert became a Christian. He is currently the organist at his parish church in Cuddington, part of Epsom deanery in Guildford diocese. The parish is on the border of Ewell, Worcester Park and Surbiton. The church has its own website at

Guildford members of General Synod in 2005: Christopher Hill (Bishop of Guildford), John Ashe, Julian Henderson, Keith Malcouronne, Ian Brackley (Bishop of Dorking), Robert Cotton, Anne Foreman, Robert Leach, Peter Bruinvels, Helen Morgan, Penny Fleming.

He spent ten years as a member of General Synod from 1995 to 2005. On Synod, he successfully proposed two motions relating to taxation of the church and to ethical investment. The former helped in introducing the Listed Places of Worship scheme for VAT; the latter led to a change of policy in how the Church authorities invest their funds.

Congratulating John Sentamu on his appointment to York.

Robert served on the Church of England’s Central Board of Finance, and was a trustee of the Pension Board. He has served on local synods and committees, including five years as chairman of Epsom Deanery Synod. His local church activities range from giving talks to church groups to cooking a barbecue at a church fete.

He wrote Guide for Church Treasurers (Canterbury Press) which made the best-sellers list and has become the standard work in this area. He also wrote the Debt Doctor (also Canterbury Press) giving practical guidance on debt from a Christian perspective. The second edition of the Church Treasueres book is due for publication at the end of March 2012.

In the 1980s, he briefly edited the local parish magazine. He was appointed first editor of the Diocese of Guilford’s newspaper with a circulation of more than 50,000 copies. After three years, he was sacked in 1991 for an editorial criticising the cathedral for inviting Bishop Spong to speak (for which he remains unrepentant to this day).

In 1992, he was made a trustee and director of The Church of England Newspaper and became its chairman in 1997, a position he still holds.

Robert comes from the evangelical tradition, but values the friendship and fellowship of Christians from other traditions.