A tax accountant to:
– train and update you and your staff on tax
– be available to advise small accounting firms on tax matters
– provide books, leaflets, articles and other written material


A qualified tax accountant who:

lectures on tax, and
writes books and articles on tax and related subjects, and
advises accounting firms.

He can train and update your staff or clients on tax matters, produce articles and booklets for your firm, and provide a consultancy service on tax issues.


Please look at the latest videos I recorded for Maroon Accounts.
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Please click here for a downloadable copy of my booklet Eight Completely Useless Tax Tips


This website contains ARTICLES showing my ability to explain complicated matters simply and clearly. You are welcome to download and use these articles freely. These include several “quick guides” on tax and related topics that you may not understand as well as you think.

The NEWS blog is a frequent short update on matters relating to tax and adjacent subjects , with some less important items included. The news is particularly relevant to individuals and smaller businesses.

For many blogs, additional information can be found by clicking on the blue heading. Rather than just recycling HMRC press releases like many others, the news blog also looks at tax consequences and some subjects adjacent to tax. The news blog also aims to explain tax matters.

The DICTIONARY tab opened up a glossary of more than 22,000 terms explained in more than 600,000 words over 1900 pages. (Negotiations are currently in progress for the commercial publication of this dictionary. As a consequence it has been removed from my website. It is still being maintained.)

All parts of this website (except the dictionary) can be accessed using the Search box in the top right-hand corner.

The material on the website can be downloaded free and sent to others, provided you do not charge or delete my logo.


I have had more than 40 books published (see list on writes books and articles page), and written extensively for the national and specialist press. This includes writing for websites.


He lectures for BPP and others, a leading training company that now has the status of a university. He has also lectured to HM Revenue and Customs (see below), and to his professional body, among others.

Thank you for the excellent series of lectures that you gave to my Unit.
The balanced overview set everything in context. Your perceptive comments about the judicial approach to legislation were extremely helpful. The feed-back was all positive.
Many thanks.

Head of Appeals Unit, IR London


I provide consultancy and training to many accounting firms, including major City firms.


For two years, Robert was a judge for the Stock Exchange award for best accounts, presented by the Lord Mayor. He was also the chief examiner for two modules of the examination of the (now subsumed) Institute of Financial Management.

Outside tax, Robert is also a crossword compiler, a Christian and a musician.

Robert lives with his wife in Ewell, near Epsom. They have three married children.