Tax Author

Robert is the author of more than 40 published works:

Year              Title (Publisher)                                                              
in progress    Tax for Investors  (Harriman House)
in progress    Accounts for Investors  (Harriman House)
in progress    Church Treasurers Guide (2nd edition)   (SCM-Canterbury Press)
in progress    Employment Problems   (Gower)
2011               Accounting Ratios   (Harriman House)
1994-2011    Running Your Own Business (5 editions)    (Management Books)
1987-2008    Tax Factbook   (Sweet & Maxwell)
1991-2008    Payroll Factbook   (Sweet & Maxwell)
2008              Organist’s Dictionary of Real Meanings  (Organist Publications)
2007              The Debt Doctor  (SCM-Canterbury Press)
2006              Payroll in 90 minutes  (Management Books)
2006              Investor’s Guide (Taiwanese translation)   (Harriman House)
2006             Church Treasurer’s Guide    (SCM-Canterbury Press)
2005              Investor’s Guide to Understanding Accounts   (Harriman House)
2005             Everything Else an Organist Should Know   (Organist Publications)
1987-2003    Auditor’s Factbook   (Sweet & Maxwell)
1999             Payroll Audit   (Cambridge Strategic Publications)
1997             Financial Services and the Single Currency   (CCH)
1997             Common Tax Questions   (CCH)
1997             One Stop Payroll     (ICSA)
1996             VAT Legislation Handbook   (CCH)
1995             History of St Mary’s Church, Cuddington   (Cuddington PCC)
1995             Employment Data   (CCH)
1995             Tax Data   (CCH)
1995             VAT Legislation Handbook  (CCH)
1990-1992    Controlling the Small Business for Profit  (Weka)
1986-1992    ICAEW Taxation service (2 chapters)     (Gee Publishing)
1991             Understanding Finance   (Mercury Business Books)
1990             Living in Portugal (Blackstone Franks guide)   (Kogan Page)
1990             Financial Times Guide to Company Pension   (Financial Times)
1990             Management Buyouts (Blackstone Franks)   (Kogan Page)
1989             Payroll Manual   (Gee Publishing)
1988             Make Money on the Stock Exchange    (Foulsham)
1988             Perks from Shares (Blackstone Franks guide)  (Kogan Page)
1988             Funny Values   (Foulsham)
1988             Financial Planning for the Over 50s    (Allied Dunbar/Longman)
1988             Living in Spain (Blackstone Franks guide)  (Kogan Page)
1988             Directors’ Duties and Responsibilities   (Kato Communications)
1988             Stock Exchange Yearbook   (Matrix Publishing)
1982             Musical Thesaurus (fourth edition)   (Artmusique)
1979             Musical Thesaurus (third edition)    (Newbury Books, USA)
1978             Musical Thesaurus (second edition)   (Hannon)
1976             Musical Thesaurus    (Hannon)

He also produces text in the form of newsletters, website content, booklets and even whole books of any size. This ranges from technical content for a series of accountants’ websites to a monthly satirical column in Payroll World.

His published output exceeds 2.5 million words. This is three times the quantity that Shakespeare managed (though perhaps not quite so enduring).

He can write for the tax specialist, non-specialist or for any audience in between.

Writing for the non-specialist means that jargon is avoided, and technical terms are properly explained before being used.

For the specialist, references to Acts of Parliament, statutory regulations and tax cases can be included as required. Robert has a large library of tax law, including case reports, which allow him to provide comprehensive commentary on current taxes, including an understanding of tax history that can provide a useful perspective. He once even advised the BBC on window tax!

Articles on this website show his clear style of being able to explain even the most obscure points of tax in simple terms. His style is to provide an outline of how tax law works first, and then move on to statutory definitions and exceptions.

Tax Factbook and Payroll Factbook each contained more than 800,000 words, which is longer than the Bible.

He has written for The Daily Telegraph, Financial Times, Investor’s Chronicle, Taxation, The Accountant, Accountancy and many other magazines and newsletters. He provides website content for a company that syndicates it to hundreds of accounting firms.

He also compiles crossword puzzles and quizzes, and has written a local history and a humorous dictionary of terms encountered by a church organist.


Appearing on Radio 2 and Radio 4 on the same day. (He did BBC Radio Wales in the evening.)

He co-wrote a guide on law and finance for church organists, as a result of which he appeared on Jeremy Vine Programme (Radio 2) and PM (Radio 4) on the same day.

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